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Billing and Records Requests

DeForest Windsor Fire and EMS contracts with a specialized EMS billing company. If you have any questions about your EMS bill, or insurance payment for service, please use the contact information below. If your complete insurance information was not obtained by the hospital you were treated at, LifeQuest will contact you by phone or mail to gather updated information.

N2930 State Road 22
Wautoma, WI 54982

Phone: 888-777-4911
Fax: 920-787-4033

Copies of EMS Reports
Each patient that is evaluated or treated by DeForest Windsor Fire & EMS requires a pre-hospital EMS report to be completed by the crew member(s) rendering care. The report is completed electronically, and is stored securely for future access if needed. It contains information about the call location, date/time, the patient’s demographics, medical history, details regarding the patient’s condition as well as any treatments or interventions performed by EMS prior to arrival at the hospital.

In compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Act, the information contained within this chart may only be shared with those providing treatment, for payment purposes (insurance reimbursement, etc.) and for health care operations.

In order to request a copy of a patient’s pre-hospital EMS report, please contact LifeQuest at the address provided above. All requests for patient records will be processed as quickly as possible.

Copies of Fire Reports
A report is generated for every fire call, from alarms to structure fires. These reports are completed electronically and contain information about the call such as the location, persons or structures involved, damages, etc.  In order to request a copy of a fire report, please contact LifeQuest at the address provided above.  All requests will be processed as quickly as possible.