DeForest Windsor Fire & EMS

The DeForest Windsor Fire and EMS Department is a combined department providing both fire and EMS services to the Villages of DeForest and Windsor and the Towns of Vienna, Leeds, and Hampden.

The department was founded in 1911 and has grown from an original 11 men serving DeForest to more than 70 members covering almost 100 square miles and over 19,000 people.

In 2019, the department responded to over 1,500 calls.

Located in the Village of DeForest Wisconsin

110 S. Stevenson Street
DeForest, WI 53532

Phone: 1(608)846-4364
Fax: 1(608)846-6786

Join DeForest Windsor Fire and EMS

The department is actively searching for new members. Anyone interested in joining should visit the recruitment page by clicking here (no experience required).

The mission statement of the DeForest Windsor Fire and EMS Department

The DeForest Windsor Fire and EMS Department is committed to the preservation and protection of life, property, and the environment from the adverse effects of fire, medical, and hazardous conditions. The DeForest Windsor Fire and EMS Department will preserve and protect through sustained training, progressive education, and constant diligence to provide the highest level of customer service while maintaining fiscal responsibility to those we serve.

The vision statement of the DeForest Windsor Fire and EMS Department

Members of the deForest Windsor Fire and EMS District:

 – Are prepared for duty

 – Serve with honor

 – Lead with integrity

 – Take pride in our district and the service we provide

What do these statements mean?

Prepared for Duty – Our members will do everything possible to ensure that our district is at an optimum state of readiness when called upon to respond at a moment’s notice. Our team will be properly trained, equipped, supported and will focus on immediate and safe responses.

Serve with Honor – The commitment necessary to perform the tasks expected of us requires excellence of character. We are an organization of honorable people in an honorable profession. We believe that every action reflects on all of the members of this district, past and present and the community as a whole.

Lead with Integrity – We understand the trust placed in us by the public and our colleagues is integral to the performance of our duties. The communities we serve can be assured that the DeForest Area Fire and EMS District is a reliable team dedicated to doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Take Pride – Every member has ownership of the DeForest Area Fire and EMS District and its future within our communities. We respect our district’s heritage and tradition and continue build upon that foundation through the pursuit of excellence and high professional standards.

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